• Secretario/a:
    Mr Sergio Mujica
  • Presidente/a (hasta el final 2025):
    Dr Sung Hwan Cho
  • Fecha de creación: 1947


The ISO Council is the core governance body of the Organization and reports to the General Assembly. It meets three times a year and is made up of 20 member bodies, the ISO Officers and the Chairs of the Policy Development Committees CASCO, COPOLCO and DEVCO. The Council has direct responsibility over a number of bodies reporting to Council:

  • The President’s Committee advises Council on matters decided by Council.
  • Council Standing Committees address matters related to finance (CSC/FIN), strategy and policy (CSC/SP), nominations for governance positions (CSC/NOM), and oversight of the Organization’s governance practices (CSC/OVE).
  • Advisory Groups provide advice on matters related to ISO’s commercial policy (CPAG) and Information Technology (ITSAG).
  • CASCO - provides guidance on conformity assessment
  • COPOLCO - provides guidance on consumer issues
  • DEVCO - provides guidance on matters related to developing countries

    Membership to the Council is open to all member bodies and rotates to make sure it is representative of the member community.

Enlaces rápidos

Miembros participantes
Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/COUNCIL/CPAG   Commercial Policy Advisory Group Grupo de trabajo
ISO/COUNCIL/CPAG_WG 3 Commercial Policy Advisory Group WG 3 Grupo de trabajo
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN Council Standing Committee on Finance (CSC/FIN) Subcomité
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/NOM Council Standing Committee for Review of Nominations Subcomité
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/OVE Council Standing Committee on Oversight Subcomité
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/SP Council Standing Committee on Strategy and Policy Subcomité
ISO/COUNCIL/FAS_TF   ISO/IEC Task Force on Freely Available Standards Grupo de trabajo
ISO/COUNCIL/ITSAG Information Technology Strategy Advisory Group (ITSAG) Grupo de trabajo
Fecha Mes Ubicación TC/SC Nota
10 September 2024 Cartagena (Colombia) ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/OVE *
11 September 2024 Cartagena (Colombia) ISO/COUNCIL *
21 November 2024 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
26 November 2024 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/SP *
4 December 2024 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/NOM *
19-20 February 2025 Geneva (Switzerland) ISO/COUNCIL *
4-5 June 2025 San José (Costa Rica) ISO/COUNCIL *
1 October 2025 Kigali (Rwanda) ISO/COUNCIL *

* Información definitiva, pero la reunión aún no se ha convocado formalmente
** Provisional