ISO/AWI 18484
Acoustics — Design process for the acoustic environment of buildings
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ISO/AWI 18484
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 18484
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This document presents an integrated process that can be used to address the acoustical design of spaces in new buildings and retrofits. The framework introduces acoustical concepts that are fundamental to architectural and engineering purposes and suggests a design process flowchart, that can be followed in the different phases of the acoustical project. Functional acoustical objectives (e.g., communication, privacy, comfort) need to be considered in the design of the buildings. Furthermore, acoustical strategies are introduced to meet acoustical objectives and/or achieve better acoustical outcome. This document underlines the need for collaboration between various stakeholders during the process of building design and seeks to provide a framework that: • includes acoustics in the process of design, through a step-by-step flowchart, that follows the different phases of the project, • allows for assessment of proposed design solutions facing user-defined acoustic criteria Examples are: background/airborne noise, vibration and/or impact noise, masking sound, sound insulation, reverberation.

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