ISO/SAE AWI 1979-3
Road vehicles — On-board diagnostic communication — Part 3: Zero emissions propulsion systems
Reference number
ISO/SAE AWI 1979-3
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/SAE AWI 1979-3
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ISO/SAE 1979-3 is intended to satisfy the data reporting requirements of regulations in the United States and Europe, and any other market that may adopt similar requirements in the future. This document specifies diagnostic services required to be supported by motor vehicles and external test equipment for diagnostic purposes which pertain to Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) propulsion related data. These messages are intended to be used by any external test equipment for retrieval of OBD information from a vehicle. This document specifies: 1. message formats for request and response messages, 2. application and session timing requirements between request messages from external test equipment and response messages from vehicles, and between those messages and subsequent request messages, 3. behavior of both, the vehicle and external test equipment if data is not available, 4. a set of diagnostic services, with corresponding content of request and response messages, and 5. standardized source and target addresses for external test equipment and vehicle. This document includes capabilities required to satisfy OBD requirements for multiple regions, model years, engine types, and vehicle types. At the time of publication many regional regulations are not yet final and are expected to change in the future. This document makes no attempt to interpret the regulations and does not include applicability of the included diagnostic services and data parameters for various vehicle applications. The user of this document is responsible to verify the applicability of each section of this document for a specific vehicle, propulsion system, model year, and region. This document provides an implementation guidance based on the principles of ISO 14229 series, focusing on standardization of data to ensure access to important repair information by independent repair facilities. The purpose of this standard is to focus on providing the necessary content and performance requirements. ISO/SAE 1979-3 specifies diagnostic functionalities, which utilize communication facilities over either Controller Area Network (CAN) or Ethernet data links. These requirements apply to all ECU’s that provide operational data and diagnose those components that are integral to provide propulsion on a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV). In general, if an ECU monitors a component, whose failure directly affects the ZEV propulsion system, the information reporting uses the diagnostic communication services as specified in ISO/SAE 1979-3. A government agency may have policy reasons for specifically tracking ZEV componentry (i.e., unique warranty requirements). In order to track the linkage between a diagnostic trouble code and a covered repair under a ZEV component warranty, provisions are made in ISO/SAE 1979-3 to highlight those failures that are ZEV propulsion related. These linkages can be thought of analogously to emissions-related failures requiring emissions-related warranty repair. Note: When referencing other documents to fulfil this set of requirements, the reader should substitute “emissions-related” for “ZEV propulsion". Global regulations may vary in the definition of ZEV propulsion componentry, therefore the applicability of ISO/SAE 1979-3 to various components may vary from region to region.

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