International Standard
ISO/TS 10303-1111:2023
Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 1111: Application module: Classification with attributes
Reference number
ISO/TS 10303-1111:2023
Edición 7
International Standard
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ISO/TS 10303-1111:2023
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Publicado (Edición 7, 2023)


This document specifies the application module for Classification with attributes.

The following are within the scope of this document:

  • assignment of classification information to product or activity data;
  • definition of a classification with valued attributes;
  • association of a classification with its identification in an external library;
  • definition of a hierarchical relationship between two classes;
  • characterization of the fact that a part or material was specified selecting particular values of parameters in a parameterized classification;
  • identification of a classification system;
  • items within the scope of application module Classification assignment, ISO/TS 10303-1114;
  • items within the scope of application module Extended measure representation, ISO/TS 10303-1106;
  • items within the scope of application module Identification assignment, ISO/TS 10303-1021;
  • items within the scope of application module Independent property, ISO/TS 10303-1036;
  • items within the scope of application module Plib class reference, ISO/TS 10303-1291;
  • items within the scope of application module Product view definition, ISO/TS 10303-1019.

Informaciones generales

  •  : Publicado
     : 2023-11
    : Norma Internacional para revisar [90.92]
  •  : 7
     : 33
  • ISO/TC 184/SC 4
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This collection is a standard for the exchange of product model data (STEP) module and resource library (SMRL). It is intended for those who are considering adopting ISO 10303 modular application protocols, application modules, and resource parts, or systems built on them, for product data representation …

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