ISO/IEC CD 18000-65
Information technology — Radio frequency identification for item management — Part 65: Information technology — Radio frequency identification for item management — Part 65: Parameters for air interface communications for streaming sensors based on ISO/IEC 18000-63
Reference number
ISO/IEC CD 18000-65
Edición 1
Committee Draft
ISO/IEC CD 18000-65
El comité está revisando un borrador.


This document defines the air interface based on ISO/IEC 18000-63 for radio frequency identification (RFID) devices operating in the 860 MHz to 930 MHz used in sensing as well as item management applications. This document specifies the physical and logical requirements for a passive-backscatter Interrogator-Talks-First (ITF) systems. The system comprises Interrogators, also known as readers, and tags with stream sensors. A stream sensor comprises, at least, a tag, which exploits the backscatter technology to establish the tag-to-interrogator link, and an optional digital sensor. If a stream sensor involves a digital sensor, the tag provides a unique identification number for the digital sensor as well as working as a wireless modem between the interrogator and the digital sensor. Depending on the usage of the system, the interrogator may process, store and pass-through the received data from the tag. General functions as an item management application, specifically inventory, reading and writing tags, are utilizing functionality defined in ISO/IEC 18000-63. This document specifies — logical and physical procedures between the interrogator and tags to allocate a dedicated subcarrier channel to each of the tags to produce a continuous data streaming. — logical and physical procedure between the interrogator and the tags to start and stop the continuous data streaming. — logical interface between the interrogator and the tag to configure a digital sensor and to receive data from the digital sensor through the tag.

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