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Por Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis
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The pace of global transport and logistics is non-stop. A lot is happening throughout the industry, with contemporary concerns and challenges emerging every day. So what are the big issues to watch out for?

The September/October 2017 issue of ISOfocus provides an overview of recent trends and near-term prospects for the transport sector at a global level, as well as the long-term outlook for standards in the industry (maritime, air and land). Among the experts interviewed are transport and logistics companies, United Nations leaders and standards professionals from around the world, in fields ranging from intermodality in the supply chain to safe and sustainable bunkering and global megatrends such as digitization.

Christoph Winterhalter, Executive Board Chairman of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, explains in his opening remarks: “What makes the sector particularly unique is the large number of interfaces all along the delivery chain. With such complex interconnected economic structures, standardization has never been more essential. The benefits are obvious: standards support the global exchange of goods. They remove trade barriers, improve logistical processes and create a common language for all market participants.”

Globalization and digitalization have accelerated the flow of goods worldwide, says the DIN Chairman, referring to the dramatic increase in the number of interfaces and processes involved in moving goods. “New business models, new business participants and new technologies all conspire to make innovation cycles shorter, forcing the logistics sector to constantly reinvent itself to keep up.”

Each of these trends presents exciting opportunities for transport. But they also pose a very big question: How do we make long-term transport standards in the face of so much uncertainty?

This question is at the heart of the latest ISOfocus. Enriched throughout with international case studies and contributions from industry experts, the September/October 2017 ISOfocus provides a comprehensive and lively overview of today’s and tomorrow’s transportation industry.

The issue looks at the main environmental, economic and technology trends driving the future of mobility and presents standards solutions for a cleaner, safer and more reliable/efficient transportation system. A special focus on China’s New Silk Road also highlights the role of International Standards in shaping the economic megaproject and in building a new “golden age” of globalization.

Uncover the latest trends in the newest ISOfocus issue!

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