The goals we have set ourselves are stepping stones to our vision and will help us to ensure that our work makes lives easier, safer and better.

They will help maximize our impact and ensure that, through our members, we bring experts together to agree on International Standards that address global challenges.

ISO’s goals for 2030 are:


ISO standards used everywhere

To realize our vision, our standards must be widely used. We need to ensure that our standards are high quality, easily accessible and usable, and that people understand the benefits that they bring.


Meeting global needs

To realize our vision, we must develop consensus-based standards that are relevant and respond to current and future challenges. We must focus on getting the right standards to market at the right time, with the right content and in the right format.


All voices heard

To realize our vision, our system must foster diversity and inclusivity. We need to ensure that we attract and retain the best experts and enable everyone to participate. We must listen to all voices, both in the development of standards and when making decisions as an organization.

ISO Standards usedeverywhere All voicesheard Meeting global needs Vision Making lives easier, safer and better

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The ISO Strategy 2030 outlines our vision and our mission for the next 10 years and a set of goals and priorities to help us get there. The three goals are stepping stones to our vision. We will focus on six priorities to achieve our goals and maximize our impact.


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