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A CASCO webinar about the assessment of increasingly complex and digitized products, processes, services, and systems.

How do we ensure quality and safety in a complex and digital world? How do we trust the “objects” that interact with us and each other without human intervention – from automated cars to online marketplaces, to name just two examples? These are some of the questions that the conformity assessment community faces in its mission to provide confidence in the things our modern lives rely on.

Join us as we explore the opportunities, risks, and challenges of this mission in the digital era. We will learn how our perceptions of risk and security are changing, and what we can do to adapt to them.


Participants will engage in a dialogue with the global community on digitalization in conformity assessment, with a particular focus on digitalized objects, to understand the implications for conformity assessment based on real-life case studies.  The key objectives are to:

  • Exchange experiences and best practices.

  • Gain insights into market needs.

  • Raise awareness of existing ISO standards as potential solutions.

  • Identify trends an needs to feed them into future CASCO work.


The session is open to all participants, including CASCO members, ISO/TCs experts, regional and international organization staff, and anyone who is interested in the subject.



François E. Guichard
François E. Guichard

François E. Guichard serves the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) as Secretary for both the Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, and for the Group of Experts drafting a new legal international instrument for the use of automated vehicles in traffic. An engineer by training, François heads a small unit that oversees technical regulations for vehicle automation and connectivity and is acting as the Intelligent Transport Systems and Automated Driving focal point for UNECE.

Prior to his current role, François served as a line manager at Daimler AG, where he successfully advocated for the introduction of Advance Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) in international legislation, making a significant impact on road safety. He also provided guidance to several countries on environmental strategies, utilizing his background as a noise, greenhouse gas, and pollutants emission testing engineer. François’ career began as an International Management Associate at Mercedes-Benz, gaining experience in Germany, South Africa and the United States.

Masaaki Mochimaru
Masaaki Mochimaru

Masaaki Mochimaru is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and Ergonomics at Keio University in Japan, where he received his Master in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Engineering. In 1993, he joined The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) as a research scientist. In 2001, he was appointed as the deputy director of Digital Human Laboratory of AIST. After that, he directed the Digital Human Research Center (2010-2015), Center for Service Research (2010-2015), Human Informatics Research Institute (2015-2018), and Human Augmentation Research Center (2018-). In 2023, he was assigned as a fellow of AIST.

Masaaki's research interests are related to measurement and modelling of human functions and their applications. In recent years, his research interests have expanded into service engineering and servitization. Through 1997 to 2016, he was the chair of ISO/TC 159/SC 3. He was appointed as the chair of ISO/TC 324 in 2019, and also appointed as the chair of ISO/PC 329.

Roland Atoui
Roland Atoui

Roland Atoui, co-chair of the ESCO WG1 on Trusted Supply Chains and managing director at Red Alert Labs, is a cybersecurity and certification expert with more than 15 years of recognized achievements in both research and industry. From smart cards to smart embedded devices up to cloud services, Roland is a new technology enthusiast who fully identifies with the mission to bring trust to our connected world.

Roland has achieved a series of world-first publications and evaluations of products and services. He is member of ENISA adhoc WG on the EUCC scheme and represents the French delegation in ESO and ISO activities. He contributed to the creation of multiple cybersecurity certification schemes and standards such as FIDO, FDO IoT, IoTSF, EUCC, ioXtAlliance, EN 303 645 and ISO 27402.

Patrick Wall
Patrick Wall

Patrick Wall is a consultant in international affairs and international law. His work focuses on strategy development, legal advice and negotiation, and his clients include governments, international organizations, think tanks and civil society organizations. Originally from Australia, Patrick has lived in Geneva for the past eight years and has recently moved to Florence, Italy.

Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Président du CASCO
Caroline B. Outa-Ogweno
Caroline Outa
Présidente du CASCO


This webinar follows on from the CASCO Workshop on conformity assessment and digitalization, held as part of the 37th CASCO Plenary, in April 2023. Missed it? View the presentations or the recording of the session.

While the April workshop discussed conformity assessment bodies incorporating remote and digital techniques into their operations as well as digital formats for statements of conformity, the November webinar will focus on the increasingly digitized objects requiring assessment. Anyone is welcome to attend.