ISO/CD 54002
ISO/CD 54002

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This document has been developed to help police organizations meet their intended results by applying quality management practices as specified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements.

This document does not prescribe mandatory approaches to implementation. This document does not provide any preferred method of interpretation. Finally, this document does not add, reduce or modify in any way the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

This document provides guidance, corresponding to ISO 9001:2015 Clauses 4 to 10. ISO 9001:2015 is maintained in a separate document from the specific police organization guidance provided for each clause. These guidelines are not additional requirements to ISO 9001:2015. Instead, they are intended to help police organizations implement the quality management system effectively. These guidelines provide clarification and examples of effective police service management practices. The annexes contain additional information.

ISO 9001 contains requirements that can be objectively audited or evaluated. This document includes examples, descriptions, and options that help implement the quality management system in a police organization. This documents also strengthens the quality system with the overall management system of the police organization.

This document does not provide definitive interpretations of ISO 9001. This document is not intended to be used for audit or assessment; an organization would still be assessed to ISO 9001.

Annex A should be used by police organizations initially evaluating their organization. Annex A evaluates the scope and maturity of their processes and products and services. Annex B defines the quality system processes necessary to provide reliable services and products to customers/citizens. Annex C provides information on terminology within a police organization. Annex D provides other documents that may be of use to police organizations and Annex E provides information on how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can be applied within the quality management system of police organizations.

The requirements from ISO 9001 are generic, as they can be applied by any organization. This document can be used by police organizations of all types, sizes, maturity level service, and geographic location (for example, police stations, border crossings, correctional facilities, civil defense). However, how a police organization applies guidance can vary. This variance depends on factors such as:

     the size or complexity of the organization;

     the model of management it adopts;

     the range of activities and services provided by the organization;

     the nature of risks and opportunities it encounters.

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