ISO/WD 25557
ISO/WD 25557


This document would specify requirements and recommendations for the provision of health and social care services for older persons provided by healthcare and social care personnel, irrespective of whether the service is provided in the persons own home or in a care home. The services concerned also include those offered to older people who do not reside permanently at a care home, such as temporary accommodations. Care services are provided in a variety of settings. While this document would focus on those delivered in care facilities including preventive, responsive, and palliative care, many of the requirements can be applied to the provision of care services in any setting. Service provision is based on the individual needs and preferences of the older person to assist self-determination, participation, and a safe and secure old age. The document would encompass the compressive needs of care home residents and the workforce, taking into consideration principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This document would apply to all providers of care and support to older persons irrespective of size, structure, legal set up, or funding model (i. e. public or private). Care homes, also referred to as residential, long-term care homes, continuing care, personal care, or nursing homes, are residential settings where the majority of residents often live with complex health care needs. They provide a range of professional health services, lodging, food, and personal care (e.g., assistance with everyday activities) for their residents 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. The document is structured to provide clear requirements and accountabilities to enable care home teams, governing bodies, and other stakeholders to work together toward a common vision for resident-centred, high-quality care. This document would be intended to be used in quality assurance, follow-up, evaluation, and development of such services and can be used as a basis for procurement, training, supervision, and certification. This document would not cover standardization of clinical guidelines and/or medical devices.

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