Educational institutions aim to optimize learning environments and boost outcomes. ISO standards help them meet stakeholders expectations and guarantee the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of learning services. Standardized assessment frameworks enable learners to make the most of their attainments. Providers that embrace such standards know how to prepare students effectively for the challenges of the modern world.

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Quality management: The path to continuous improvement

There are many misconceptions about what a quality management system (QMS) does. Let’s delve into what a QMS is, what it should look like and why your company absolutely needs one.

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Только что был опубликован новый стандарт по управлению стратегической разведкой.

Наиболее популярные стандарты

ISO 29992:2018
Assessment of outcomes of learning services
ISO 21001:2018
Educational organizations
Management systems for educational organizations

Requirements with guidance for use

ISO 29993:2017
Learning services outside formal education
Service requirements