ISO 4309:2004
ISO 4309:2004


ISO 4309:2004 details guidelines for the care, installation, maintenance and examination of wire rope in service on a crane, and enumerates the discard criteria to be applied to promote the safe use of the crane.

ISO 4309:2004 is applicable to the following types of crane, as defined in ISO 4306-1:

cable and portal cable cranes;

cantilever cranes (pillar jib, wall or walking);

deck cranes;

derrick and guy derrick cranes;

derrick cranes with rigid bracing;

floating cranes;

mobile cranes;

overhead travelling cranes;

portal or semi-portal bridge cranes;

portal or semi-portal cranes;

railway cranes;

ISO 4309:2004 is applicable to cranes used for hook, grabbing, magnet, ladle, excavator or stacking duties, whether operated manually, mechanically, electrically or hydraulically.

ISO 4309:2004 is also applicable to hoists and hoist blocks which use wire rope.

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  •  : Отозвано
     : 2004-08
  •  : 3
  •  : ISO/TC 96/SC 3 Selection of ropes
  •  :
    53.020.30 Accessories for lifting equipment

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