ISO 10303-214:2003
Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 214: Application protocol: Core data for automotive mechanical design processes
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ISO 10303-214:2003
Версия 2
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ISO 10303-214:2003
Отозвано (Версия 2, 2003)


ISO 10303-214:2003 specifies the use of the integrated resources necessary for the scope and information requirements for the exchange of information between the applications that support the development process of the mechanical aspects of automotive vehicles.

The following are within the scope of ISO 10303-214:2003:

  • products of automotive manufacturers and of their suppliers. These products include parts, assemblies of parts, tools, assemblies of tools and raw materials. The considered parts include the constituents of the car body, of the power train, of the chassis and of the interior. The tools include those specific to the products produced and used by various manufacturing technologies. The raw materials include those used to produce the parts or the tools;
  • process plan information describing the relationships between parts and the tools used to manufacture them and to manage the relationships between intermediate stages of part or tool development;
  • product definition data and configuration control data for managing large numbers of variants of automotive products during the design phase;
  • data describing the changes that have occurred during the design phase, including tracking of the versions of a product and of the data related to the documentation of the change process;
  • identification of physically realized parts or of tools, e.g. for prototype building;
  • identification of standard parts, based on international, national or industrial standards;
  • release and approval data for product data;
  • data that identify the supplier of a product and related contract information;
  • the following eight types of representation of the shape of a part or of tool:
    1. 2D-wireframe representation;
    2. 3D-wireframe representation;
    3. geometrically bounded surface representation;
    4. topologically bounded surface representation;
    5. faceted-boundary representation;
    6. boundary representation;
    7. compound shape representation;
    8. constructive solid geometry representation;
  • representation of the shape of parts or tools that is a combination of two or more of these eight types of shape representation;
  • data that pertains to the presentation of the shape of the product;
  • representation of portions of the shape of a part or a tool by form features;
  • product documentation represented on drawings;
  • references to product documentation represented in a format other than those specified by ISO 10303 (all parts);
  • simulation data for the description of kinematic structures;
  • properties of parts or of tools;
  • data defining surface conditions;
  • dimensional data and geometrical tolerance data.

The following are outside the scope of ISO 10303-214:2003:

  • product definition data pertaining to any life cycle phase of a product not related to the design phase;
  • business or financial data for the management of a design project;
  • a general parametric representation of the shape of a part or of a tool;
  • data describing the pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or electronic functions of a product;
  • continuous kinematics simulations over time;
  • data describing the input or the results of finite element analysis.

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     : 2003-12
    : Отмена международного стандарта [95.99]
  •  : 2
  • ISO/TC 184/SC 4
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