International Standard
ISO/TS 10128:2023
Graphic technology — Methods of adjustment of the colour reproduction of a printing system to match a set of characterization data
Reference number
ISO/TS 10128:2023
Версия 2
International Standard
ISO/TS 10128:2023
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Опубликовано (Версия 2, 2023)

ISO/TS 10128:2023

ISO/TS 10128:2023
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This document describes four methods for the adjustment of the digital content data that is input to a printing system to achieve consistency in the printed results among a number of presses printing to the same general aim conditions. These four methods are generally identified as:

1)       matching of tone value curves (TVI and CTV),

2)       use of near-neutral scales,

3)       colour-optimised correction curve set, and

4)       use of CMYK to CMYK multi-dimensional transforms.

The procedures for establishing the aim condition for the necessary correction curves, the procedures for determining the individual correction curves, and a comparison of the applicability of these four methods are included.

These adjustment procedures are intended for use with printing systems that use CMYK colourants. Such systems are not restricted to those that use traditional ink on paper printing but can involve other marking technologies such as those used for proofing and/or digital printing.

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     : 2023-11
    : Опубликование международного стандарта [60.60]
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