ISO/IEC 2382:2015
ISO/IEC 2382:2015

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This standard of vocabulary taken from the multi-part ISO/IEC 2382 standard is presented in language-specific order and is intended to facilitate international communication in information technology. It presents, in two languages, terms and definitions of selected concepts relevant to this field.

In order to facilitate their translation into other languages, the definitions are drafted so as to avoid, as far as possible, any peculiarity attached to a language.

General information 

  •  :  Published
     : 2015-05
     : 2022-10
     : 2022-10
  •  : 1
     : 1
  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
  •  :
    35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
    01.040.35 Information technology (Vocabularies)

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