Learn how to write standards and submit your draft using our templates and model.


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ISO templates
Submit your draft using these Word and drawing templates.

Requirements and guidelines for the submission of drafts to ISO/CS   [PDF]
Tips for submitting documents that contain tables, graphics and mathematical formulae.

ISO House Style
Guidelines on the language, formatting and presentation of ISO documents.

ISO Drafting Made Efficient [PDF]
How to draft ISO documents efficiently, making them easier to read and implement.

Best practices for vocabularies and terminologies [PDF]
Tips for preparing your draft.

Guidance on legal statements in ISO standards [PDF]
Tips for preparing your draft.

DRG Directives [PDF]
Guidelines for the production of drawing files.

Guidelines for coding IEC and ISO standards in NISOSTS [PDF]
These Guidelines describe the XML schema as used by IEC and ISO for the XML versions of published standards.


This is a model document of an International Standard, which is intended to be used together with the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2, and the simple draft template. Instructional text boxes highlight specific sections with links to explanations in the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2. 
This is a model Amendment to an International Standard, to be used with the Model International Standard