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Standardization of ship GHG assessment and documentation procedures; bunkering and/or charging operations associated, and on-dock power generation.

Note1: TC8 SC14 serves as a focal point within TC8 regarding the reduction of GHG from maritime shipping and works in cooperation with existing subcommittees to help provide guidance to the maritime industry and regulators regarding applicable ISO standards developed by TC8 and other TCs

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Référence Titre Type
ISO/TC 8/SC 25/WG 1   "Alternative fuels for ships" Groupe de travail
ISO/TC 8/SC 25/WG 2   "New technologies" Groupe de travail
ISO/TC 8/SC 25/WG 3 "Maritime GHG assessment and documentation" Groupe de travail
Date Mois Lieu TC/SC Note
18-21 Juin 2024 Malmö (Sweden) ISO/TC 8/SC 25  

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